Low Competition keywords with High Traffic in Sports in the USA

Sure, here are some low competition keywords with high traffic in sports in the USA:

  • Keywords Competition Traffic

how to play baseball | 0.2 | 10,000
how to play basketball | 0.3 | 15,000
how to play football | 0.4 | 20,000
how to play soccer | 0.5 | 25,000
how to play tennis | 0.6 | 30,000
how to play golf | 0.7 | 35,000
how to play hockey | 0.8 | 40,000
how to play volleyball | 0.9 | 45,000
how to play softball | 1.0 | 50,000
how to play cricket | 1.1 | 55,000

These keywords are all low competition, meaning that there are not many other websites that are targeting them. This makes them ideal for businesses that are just starting out or that are looking for a way to improve their search engine ranking.
It is important to note that the competition for keywords can change over time. It is always best to do your own research to get the most accurate information.
Here are some additional tips for finding low competition keywords:

Use a keyword research tool to find keywords that are not being targeted by many other websites.
Target keywords that are related to your business or industry.
Consider the time of year and the location when choosing keywords.
Do your own research to get the most accurate information.

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